Charles Joseph Minty was the sixth child of James and Ellen Minty. (nee Mclean) and he was a twin to Samuel who was killed by a threshing machine belt, that came off the pulley. They were born on October 23, 1874 at, Paisley, Ont. and Samuel died on October 19, 1898. Charlie, as he was always called, died of a cerebral haemorrhage on October 10, 1944, and is buried in Rocanville, Sk. In 1898, Charlie homesteaded on the S.E9 quarter of 6-17-30.

Charlie married Isabella Warburton, from Manchester, England, on July 12, 1904. They had five children. Florence May, b. April 10, 1905, d. May 09, 1984, Albert Henry, b. January 12, 1909, d. June 3, 1989; Victor Charles, b. March 11, 1911, d. May 4, 1994; Beatrice Olive, b. May 6, 1913,
d. May 27, 1992 and Blanche Ebner b. January 5, 1916, d. August 14, 1936,
Isabella d. October 9, 1920 at age 46.

Albert,Victor and Olive are buried in Onanole, Mn. Isabella and Blanche are buried In Rocanville, Sk., while Florence is buried with her husband Clarence in Duncan, B.C.

In 1938, Charlie and his family moved to Onanole, Mn. to take over a blacksmith and general repair shop which he operated until his death. Unfortunately, this did not provide the same degree of satisfaction that he had experienced over four decades as a farmer a major custom-thresher and from other interesting activities.

He had a keen interest in science and technology despite the fact that he attended a Paisley area school for only a few weeks, prior to the migration of the family to Saskatchewan in 1881. His favourite books were the 20 volumes of the Books of Knowledge. He enjoyed the friendship of the Metis in the Q'Appelle Valley and les Canadiens Francals who occupied a large tract of land, extending from his farm to St. Lagare, Mn. He even learned to speak french with reasonable fluency. Charlie was also a pioneer in the use of tractors and cars. During the early part of the century, he purchased and used many tractors especially the Rumley tractor which was used to haul an eight furrow plough. This was large scale farming early in the twentieth century.

Florence (Mom) was an outdoors girl; choring, stooking, etc. and she found it pretty hard, at the tender age of 15, to take over household duties for a family of six, when her Mom died. Florence married Clarence Dempster from Grandview, Mn. on April 9, 1930. They had three children; Dorothy married Vincent A. Dobson, in Moosomin, Sk. They have three children Brenda, Ernest and Sheila and eight grandchildren. Audrey married Garfield Carlyle of Iron Bridge, On. and have three children; Ivan, Valarie and Linda and have two granddaughters. Lavern married Elaine Openshaw of Vancouver, B.C. have a son Graeme and identical twin girls Sheryl and Shawna. Lavern has taught school all his life; Dorothy was a stay at home mom and gardener while Audrey also a stay at home mom, until the children were out of school took training to be a Registered Nursing Assistant (RNA) in Ontario. Clarence farmed for most of his life but in 1943 the family to Kitchener, On. Where Dad worked at the Doon Twine Co. and then at the Electrohome Plant. In 1946, they went back to the farm at Iron Bridge, On. and retired to B.C. in 1969 where they lived until Mom died on May 9, 1984 and Dad on October 23, 1985.

Albert who remained a bachelor, moved to Onanole in 1939 and although his main occupation was farming, he was involved in a variety of activities, including a milk delivery in the early forties and showing his team of oxen in parades around the province.

Victor married Joyce Potter of Onanole, Mn. on May 26, 1951. They had two children and five grandchildren. Vic hauled cattle, cord wood, and grain before getting into building moving which he did for years until son Harold took over the businesses, at age 18. Harold has increased the moving activity significantly and is now a leading building and equipment mover in Canada. Vic and Joyce lived in Onanole, Mn., for all of their married life and Joyce still lives in the matrimonial home.

Olive married Jim McClay on December 27, 1950, and farmed at Onanole and then Erickson, Mn,. They had one daughter who died at birth, but they adopted a daughter and had two grandchildren. They retired to B.C. in the early 19705.

Charlie married Lillian Goff from Welwyn, Sk. on December 28, 1921, they had four children, Kathleen May, Dalton Horace, Alexander Frederick, and Samuel Edmond. Kathleen (Kay) married Percy Harcourt and had two children and lived in Mississauga, On. Percy still lives in Mississauga, but Kay died in 1990 and is buried in Toronto, On.

Dalton and Fred were both in the R.C.A.F. Dalton served for five years as a engine mechanic pilot while, Fred served for three years during which he did 36 bombing sorties over enemy territory. He was a mid-upper gunner on a Halifax bomber but never had to fire a shot at enemy aircraft. Both Fred and Dalton received commissions in 1944 and were honourably discharged in March 1945. Dalton went to University and became a Mechanical Industrial and Aeronautical engineer. Dalton married Elaine Fisher on July 3, 1954 and they had four children, Keith, Bruce, Heather and Cohn and two grandchildren.

Fred married Norma Erickson of Onanole, on September 5, 1946 and they had two children, Brian and Barbara and five grandchildren. Fred operated a mink ranch business for 20 years. He closed down the mink operation in 1965 and purchased the Onanole Grocery Store. He ran the grocery business for nine years before selling it to form a real estate company which, among other things, developed the Grey Owl campground. Fred and Norma live a retired life on the property that Charlie Minty moved to in 1938.

Prepared by: Dorothy Dobson, Granddaughter